Toughest Eight Minutes Ride !!

It’s a general human tendency to think that their problem is by far the biggest of all. There are numerous things in a day we worry about. Things such as tough meeting with your boss,unrecognized, mails sent without spell check, missed credit card payment, being rejected, getting sick, shedding hair, wearing a wrong outfit, eating high calorie food, bad traffic, not eating at regular intervals, missed workouts etc etc. can cause enough heart burns to us. What looks like a gigantic issues would diminish in no time when we read ,hear or see others problems. We have enough reasons to be considered blessed and fortunate to have the things we have.

It was a biting cold in Hartford, CT yesterday( Jan 6th). After yet another long day at work, my colleague and I was getting back to hotel in the shuttle. The ride was about 8 minutes to hotel and that was one of the toughest 8 mins ride for me!!

It took no time for me to notice that the driver was a very cheerful and energetic guy, who probably was in his early 30’s. My colleague knew the driver well and so he started the conversation asking about his Christmas and New year celebrations.The driver said that this was the best Christmas ever ! Great !! It was dark in the van but I could still see the sparkle in his eyes when he said that. He said his best part of the holidays was spent holding his beautiful baby girl in his arms. He watched her non stop admiring her beauty while she was on the nap. He played with her and captured those precious moments in his heart. He said he didn’t want to let any moment go. He would get her off the crib to put beside him in the night. She would slide over cuddling close to him with her head on his shoulders,I guessed it must be the safest place for the little baby. I asked if he is a new dad and if it’s his first child. He said he is a new father and it’s his 3rd child.I asked how old his older kids are for which he paused for a moment and said he has lost both of them. I so far was enjoying his beautiful narration was taken back for a moment. I was shell- shocked with what he just told. “Lost” would mean many things to me and I didn’t want to assume what supposed to be the obvious. Looking at my shocked face he smiled as if to console me and said he lost all of them and they are with the god. There was absolute silence in the van. The heater was turned on but I was feeling colder than ever before.He said his first baby girl came out early( premature baby) and lasted only three months. My mind traveled at the speed of light and compiled all the memories he would have amassed over those three months. All the pieces started coming together now for me ; He endlessly playing with her or holding her as tight as he can or staring at her when is on nap. The tragedy struck the family again. His wife conceived again and there was joy in the family again. However the joy didn’t last long as the fetus had lost its life before even seeing the light. They were told during their seventh month ultrasound that the fetus had lost the heartbeat. I had goosebumps all over me just thinking about what they would have gone through. He said the most challenging part was to carry the lifeless fetus in her womb for next seven days as they had to wait for the surgery to be scheduled. This happened during Christmas season !! Now things were as clear as water for me. The father was holding the baby as tight as he can knowing the previous one had gone during the same time ! uff, Life seems so cruel but not for this couple.

This couple lost babies but they never lost their hope. He said they never cursed god even for a day. They knew everything happens for a reason. My colleague said that life is unfair for good people for which the father’s response astonished me. He said it depends on how good we are in the eyes of god. Because God is so perfect, he expects us to be perfect and as none of us are perfect we need the help of the god. In simple terms he had explained the whole existence of god and belief. He went on to say that god does test our faith to make us stronger. By giving us the challenges he takes us closer to him through our “Faith”. This keeps us grounded and help us to become better human beings.

He thinks he is blessed and is extremely thankful to god for his third baby being healthy, strong and intelligent. She is 5 months old now and celebrated her first Christmas with lots of love and affection from family and friends. There was spark in his eyes when he said his daughter is strong and very beautiful. He is very confident that she will become very successful in life. I have no doubt in that knowing how strong her parents are !!

Our eyes were wet as we got off the shuttle. My supposedly mighty problems had gone in the wind as I listened to his story.

He promised to show his daughter’s picture when we meet the next time. I can’t wait to see his lucky charm, The beautiful girl.

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark – Rabindranath Tagore



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