You are uncool if you don’t…..

The Holiday weekend is going well so far. I’m catching up with some Bollywood flicks, Eating good food, Spending time with the family and continuing to work on my Dec 191 miles goal. Isn’t that pretty much the essence of Christmas( and holidays) ? To spend time with family, eat food, watch movies etc. Wait a sec…I don’t have Christmas tree in my house neither have a picture wearing a Santa Hat nor concept of Santa’s gifts for kids. So does it make me uncool ? Going by the trend, looks like it.

Looks like Celebrating Christmas has become a global phenomenon and was thinking why it has become so popular in recent times. Offices, schools ,streets in India are dressed up for the occasion. This was not common decades ago. Globalization is good but we seem to be not consistent. This is generally not the case during other major festivals. Also, some posting pictures of Christmas celebrations won’t be seen doing of their Hindu festivals( Sankranti, Ugadi, Deepavali, Ganesha festival etc..). I’m absolutely  fine with people doing whatever they like  to do but things they do which I don’t do gets me a label of uncool. This according to me is unfair. I’m less concerned with celebrating different types of festivals(which brings a global perspective which Hinduism encourages) than with growing trend of drinking and smoking because they are branded to be cool. People who don’t drink are considered to be boring. New year is around the corner. Some pointers

Non-drinkers – Don’t fall to this prey. Have your own identity. Don’t do things just to please others. Do things that you believe in and are comfortable with. 

Drinkers – Please be considerate with non-drinkers in your party. Don’t indulge in grownups bullying and make them feel down. 

People follow certain principles and traditions and that has to be respected and not made fun of. People who don’t party, drink or smoke are branded uncool. New year around the corner and thus lot of rumblings.

We don’t get Christmas trees for the occasion as it has never been a tradition. Also we don’t tell our children about Santa leaving gifts for them. They get new dresses and toys whenever we feel they need and mostly during major festivals which makes it pretty much the whole year. Especially in US, We buy more than necessary stuffs during this season because of the retailers promoting sales during holiday season. But we don’t give gifts to kids telling them that it is for Christmas. If that makes me uncool, so be it. BTW, we too take pictures with Santa and if someone wants me to wear Santa hat, Yes. I do that. just that I don’t go looking for it.

Indian PM Mr. Modi was criticized as non-secular for not wearing skull cap during one of the Ramadan’s party. It’s his choice. If he doesn’t want to do it for his own reasons then it’s his choice. It doesn’t mean he won’t respect other religions. Mr. Modi was in US during Navarathri, a major festive in Hindu tradition. He was on fast during that time as he does it every year. He adhered to his principles and didn’t break it during state dinner arranged by Mr. Obama. This was appreciated and was not teased.

Definition of fun need not be the same for all the people in the world. some would like to party the whole night during new year and some would like to do something else and those who don’t party or drink are not boring. Fun is what makes them happy and not others.

I practice my religion and taught to respect ALL the religion.

Christmas during my childhood days – December used be the coldest month in Bengaluru. We used to get up early in the morning to go to temple after bath for ” dhanurmasa Pooje”. In Hindu tradition it is a very auspicious month. As Sun transits through Dhanur Rashi (Sagarittus) it is called as Dhanur Maasa. It’s a customary to have prayers early in the morning during this period. My only intention was to get pongal prasada from temple ! I had good number of Christian friends in the colony and the picture of “Hanging lighted stars” in front of their houses is still imprinted in my mind.  It was a very common sight to see in my colony the Christian families dressed up well and head out to church. I was little amused to see some families even bursting crackers on Christmas day as for me fireworks was synonym with Deepavali and to be burst only during then ! I was feeling celebrated looking at my Christian friends as I had a soft corner for them that they had so little festivals compared to Hindu festivals where we have one or the other throughout the year. So I was consciously trying to festive. Respecting other religions started right at home.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !


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