Mann Ki Baat” and “Maun Ki Baat”

In defense of Mr ManMohan Singh who was at least consistently silent due to his nature and who was also beholden to Gandhi’s for his power.


Mr. Modi,you are well-known for your firebrand talks and also don’t have any political compulsions. Wondering then why have you surrendered to this unprecedented silence !
You are now tagged as Maun Modi which doesn’t go well with your personality.You should well know that “Mann Ki Baat” and “Maun Ki Baat” would not together. Not every combination can be Chow chow bath( famous Karnataka dish) to be good !

Don’t give opposition party a chance to do what you did for them.

modi5Please speak in LS before your Aug 15th power packed speech or else however powerful that speech be, would sound too feeble.Not just addressing the election rallies, please do address the law makers and resolve the issue.You are a skillful strategist who can make(international) friends easily and now it is a test of your statesmanship.
Don’t just blame it on opposition for the stalled LS session.This is exactly what any opposition would do and your party was no different when they were in opposition bench. Looking forward for your move.

By the way,It sounds so contradictory when ruling party leaders demand for respect of PM position when their campaigner at helm himself showed so little respect to the position!!


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