Conquer 500-Season II

It’s 5 o’ clock in the morning and pretty cold out here in Chicago as I am waiting to board my plane and no better time than this to get to my post. First of all, wish you all a very Happy and prosperous 2013.I pray and hope that this world become a much better place to live.A place where there is humanity,love,compassion and respect for all.More than ever before I guess we all have a bigger responsibility to play now.

Alright. Back to my post.As 2012 gave way to 2013,I have been busy finalizing my goals and resolutions for 2013 and while doing so I realized that it is easier to come up with goals and resolutions but not that easy to keep it up especially those which could span across a year. No wonder few of my resolutions in the past had fallen apart due to poor planning 😦 So I kept telling myself to set realistic goals using SMART goal setting strategies( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound).As it is said,If you actually want to reach a goal, well then you’d better also figure out exactly how you’re going to get there.

One of my key GOAL for 2013 is to stay Healthy and Fit. The RESOLUTION is to run 2-3 miles a day for at-least 250 days in a year which will get to my 500 miles target.I am excited to take up Season 2 of Conquer 500 miles and look forward to it.Nike Plus Goal- setting

The previous season’s success played a big role in inspiring me to do this again.

I will be using Nike+ Application to track my runs unlike the previous season where my runs were scrambled between two apps RunKeeper and Nike+ and I had to struggle to merge the data.I found Nike plus reliable,user-friendly and easy to use but with a limitation.It only allows to set up a maximum of 16 weeks goal at any time and of course as time elapses,the goal can be extended.So l plan to break down my 500 mile target into 4 quarters.In a sense it is good as it gives me an opportunity to assess and readjust quarterly targets based on my performance.

I have set a target of 100 miles for the first quarter followed with up 150 miles each for the next 2 quarters and finally wrap up with 100 miles in 4th quarter.This should get to my 500 miles target.

I believe that a job well begun is half done,so the successful completion of the Quarter one target will get me on the right foot which will give me the necessary push to meet the targets of the subsequent quarters.

Quarter one(Winter) runs will most certainly be on treadmills,something I don’t prefer.However guess I should be able to run at least 2-3 miles a day and 5 days a week.I hope Quarter 2 and 3 runs would be more exciting and fun compared to Quarter 1 and 4 as I could run outdoor in trails and on roads. Thus the higher targets of 150 each for each of Quarter 2 and 3.

GoalA friend of mine( 60 yr old) once said that he was complimented and admired for setting goals and honestly trying to meet it. He also said it defines one’s personality in terms of attitude,determination and zeal to succeed when they honestly try,even though they don’t succeed.

Wish you good luck on your goals and resolutions.Again,Happy New Year one and all!

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.”

 Zig Ziglar – Motivational Author, Speaker

One thought on “Conquer 500-Season II

  1. H.A.Lakshminarsimha says:

    Your first preference of keeping good health is very good. 500miles, is it required? It all depends on one’s health, Let god give you all the strength in your legs, mind and all to keep up your goal. One should have optitude to do some thing bigger then only he/she attains altitutes.

    happy new year and best of luck.

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