Obama – Words not said !!

Rushed back home on Wednesday night to watch the much anticipated presidential debate. I was totally engaged throughout the debate and so was Governor Romney who made President Obama look like a minnow.

It was disappointing and shocking to see President Obama who was always fierce, witty, charismatic and energetic to duck to the questions and conduct himself like a loser even before the battle. ImageThe reason it was shocking is because the polls had predicted a good seven points lead for Obama and much better lead on Hispanics votes. This should have given him a good momentum and like others I expected Obama to capitalize on his leads and widen the gap further. That didn’t happen as Obama totally blew it away and I bet he would be blaming himself for it. The biggest mistake he did was not “being himself”. He is best when he speaks, rather he looked out of place throughout the debate with his head down apologetically and his body language didn’t helped either ! He had a good opportunity to knock Romney down in round one itself by bringing up Romney’s infamous 47% statement. He didn’t, and may be regretting for not doing so…

Obama was up against lots of odds like high unemployment rate, Growing inflation, slowing economy, Libya US ambassador killing, higher gas price etc. etc.. But to Obama’s credit he had few credits too which he could have highlighted rather he posed a very modest picture and waited for Romney to praise him !!

I followed both the DNC and Republican conventions very closely and I was impressed with most of the speakers including Obama. He was at his best touching upon his favorite topics  like American values,Hope,Change so on which was clearly missing in this debate. He looked very rusted and laid back while responding to questions without getting engaged in the discussion.

Looks like it has come full cycle to Obama. If we refresh our memory 4 years back, Obama was in a driver seat in spite of lots of hard ships. It wasn’t an easy campaign to the then senator Obama including primaries as Hillary was successfully drained him and finally when he got nomination people thought he was all worn out. But in no matter of time, he gathered all the strength and fought wholeheartedly throughout the campaign. The message of “Change” resonated well with people and obviously there was expectations when he assumed office. Lot of water has flown and clearly Obama is struggling. It’s not easy to defend one’s performance and the incumbency factor seems to be hitting hard on him.

No one had challenged him as strongly as did Romney last night.Romney was well prepared,methodical,precise,charismatic,exactly what Senator Obama was four years ago. Romney knew that Obama is one of the best storyteller and debater who can punch down any candidate in no time. The fact that Romney has prepared hard for this debate is a clear signal that he has taken the campaign very seriously and doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned. I bet millions of Republicans will be pumped up after this debate and Romney has given them a reason to smile like one Mr. Mac,my barber.

We had an interesting conversation while I was having a haircut today. Mr. Mac is a registered Republican voter and has always voted for republican candidate. He gave me his view point on taxes, Social security,medicare,Medicaid and Obamacare. The 716 Billion dollar funding from Medicare has indeed bothered him as he is 51 years old now and hoping Romney will repeal the obamacare and leave Medicare untouched.

Said so, You can never rule out President Obama. He is a quick learner and will bounce back in no time. After all it is the matter of Whitehouse!!


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