Journey to success – Make it memorable !

Bounce back strongly when ever you are hit the most !! not once,but every time when you are hit.

Downtime comes in everyone’s life,But how you deal with the situation show your nerves.There is no point in mourning on what happened,rather see the failure as an opportunity to open new windows,which you would not have thought when everything was going your way.It’s a general human mentality to work within the defined boundary.Only when a person is posed with challenges and problems,he thinks about other possible avenues.

It’s important to safeguard your self-respect during the down time.Neither allow others to take a dig at your self-respect nor sympathize you.It’s fine to consult mentors and well wishers to take their suggestions and opinions,but cut them short if they try to sympathize you.Fight it out,if you think you are a victim of a situation or injustice has happened with you.Remember,you and just you is responsible to fix your may not be an expert in everything,but certainly you can huddle right people to deal with your problem.Be on the top of the issue till it sees sunlight,even though you delegate to others.Again,if it’s your problem,no one may be as keen as you to see the fix to your problem.It is very important to have the perseverance to deal with your problem until it’s resolved.

Success for some comes easily than they think and for others comes after bit of a struggle.Believe in what you do and keep doing the good work without worrying much about the results.Yes,leave no stone unturned in the process and influence wherever you could,as long as it is right to your conscience and principles.You may or may not be as successful as others,but never allow their success to bother you,If possible,try to draw inspiration from them.Once you start feeling that others success bothers you,think that may be the end to your pursuit of success.We should always learn to celebrate others success and see what and how we can learn from them.

We should learn to take charge of our life and stop blaming others for our failures.Own the responsibility and work towards the remediation plan to fix your flaws.Success may be delayed but cannot be denied to those who put their heart,soul and mind to their work.When we look back we should always be proud of the fact that we have always lived by our principles and mustered courage to reach our goals despite failures and challenges in the journey.

Believe in your dreams and do whatever you can to live your dreams and aspirations.There may be people who may doubt your ability and discourage you,But make sure it doesn’t destroy your dreams. Refuse to give up.Just think the positive influence you can be to your family and friends when you don’t succumb to failures,but stand up again and again till you succeed !! The attitude of not giving up is what we need to pass on to our kids as today kids aren’t equipped to handle failures,Thanks to peer pressure and parents unrealistic expectations for their kids to succeed every time !!

 Some tips to motivate yourself and not to give up in turbulence times

1. Let rejections(failures) not bother or stop you.

2. People who rejected you know nothing about you or your ability.Let their action not deter your confidence or morale

3. Believe in yourself.Keep moving towards your goal tirelessly.

4. Failure is not a problem,rather it’s a solution to your problem.

5. Celebrate even smaller success.Think you have moved an inch closer to your goal.

After all the perseverance and hard work,let’s say you gave up and didn’t succeed.Even then don’t treat it as a failure.The fact that you have carried this long should be seen as a testimony to your success and victory !!!

“Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.” – Unknown.


8 thoughts on “Journey to success – Make it memorable !

  1. AnitaAnswers says:

    Bounce back more times than you fall. Get back up again and again and again. And, never ever give up. Inspiring.

    Your words match the message in my book, Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits! Bounce back.

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