5 things to learn from Rahul

The moment has come.Rahul has signed off from international cricket.With not much noise,Rahul has been inspirational and role model to millions of cricket fans over years,Someone who has carried his dignity throughout his career.A thorough gentleman in the gentleman’s game.Very few we could hand-pick today in cricket world who is looked up to as a thorough professional and gentleman.Rahul undoubtably tops the list.He was a thorough professional who was hard-working and for whom team came over self.A quality which is very fast diminishing in world of sports.When he made debut to international cricket,I guess no one would have thought that he would retire as one of the most prolific player in the game. He proved that a person can be successful with sheer talent and not indulging in any manipulations or politics.I guess this quality of Rahul makes him so different from his contemporary and other players.For him,the team came over self and humility over arrogance.

Rahul is not just looked up as a fine cricket,but a thorough gentleman.His records speaks of his ability and he never considered himself as the best in the world.He was always humble and keen to learn everyday in his 16 years of career.As one aptly termed him as “the finest student of the game”.Which I believe is a great compliment for a player who has been so dedicated and always gave his best to the game and the team.

Rahul is deemed an inspirational person for his on and off field behavior.These are 5 qualities which I think we should try to adopt in our lives.

1. Positive thinking – Focus energy on positive elements.

Rahul never indulged in politics,manipulations or other negative thoughts.These are elements which may give you immediate success and growth,But in a longer run leaves you no where. We should always be proud of the path we had chosen for success.He always invested his energy and focus on improving his game and responded to his critics with his bat and not by other means.People always find faults in what you do,especially when things go wrong.We need to always remember what our ultimate goal is and work towards it.

2. Inner aggression

There is a notion that aggression always leads to success in corporate world.Yes,it is important to be aggressive in our work,Not in your body language or speech.A person strength is how he stimulates his inner aggression to meet his goals while controlling his outer aggression. Rahul always came out stronger when ever he was challenged.This was possible with his sheer practice of fueling his inner aggression.He knew his goals and methods to make it happen.It is vital to control our emotions and not allow it to rule our minds.

3. Be Agile.

I have not seen anyone who has been as flexible as Rahul in cricket world.He is well-known to adapt himself to any given situation,be it to play in any order or to take up any more responsibilities.He does it so seamlessly that one would not even notice the change. Flexibility is the key to success in our professional and personal lives.A person who is agile and willing to take up more responsibilities will be respected and considered a good sport.Failure will not even daunt them as they would have operated coming out of their safe zone.Indeed it will be a good learning experience and their confidence level shoots up if success comes their way.Obviosly,one needs to put in more energy and effort during the initial turbulent phase.When something new is mastered,no longer it looks challenging.People tend to get complacent when they have mastered the task.But the key is consistency.constant practice is what is needed to succeed and that is what we should learn from Rahul.

4. Maintain digntity.Command respect.

A gentleman’s quality is in the dignity of his action and speech.A big plus with Rahul is the dignity he carried through out his career.As he often said “the respect in your dressing room and that of your opponents is what matters”. He never let his tongue go loose on any matter.He was always dignified and respected one and all in the team.We command respect when we are dignified in our actions and speech. A person self-respect is guarded well when they carry themselves with dignity.When we interact with our little one’s too,it is very important that we respect their emotions and feelings and treat them like us.This way we would win their confidence and earn respect.

5. Never give up attitude.

As Rahul said” I have failed many times,but I have never stopped trying”. Such a defining quality of a person.I think this what makes or breaks a person.Challenges do come in all our lives.How we deal with it makes all the difference.It needs lots of mental strength to keep trying till we succeed.The persevarance is the key.Rahul was considered unfit for one day version of the game for his style of playing.There were lots of criticism going around.He didn’t give up playing shorter version of the game due to criticism,Did he ? Rather,he believed in his abilities and succeeded to become one of the most prolific player in cricket history.

Rahul – You have the honour of leaving the gentleman’s game as a gentleman,Something not many would have cared about to earn it. Good show !!


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