Conquer 500 !

Running is positive addiction. As one of the psychologist define the experience of running as “flow,” the state of mind in which you are fully immersed in what  you are doing.

Conquer 500 goal is to accomplish 500 miles run in one year(from when ever you start).I have run regularly in the past but have never thought about tracking/recording the distance. Inspired by my friend who ran(and also recorded) 400 miles in one year,I thought why shouldn’t I too try to run 500 miles in next one year ?

It’s a proven fact that regular exercise has a beneficial effect on body and mind.It improves your fitness by increasing the activity of  enzymes and hormones that stimulate the muscles and the heart to work more efficiently,also it’s a  great stress buster.I would simply define this as a sheer satisfaction  of doing something good for yourself.

I have created a page in Facebook “Conquer 500” and inviting all the enthusiasts to join the group. This campaign is to promote wellness and healthy life style. The fast life has done enough damage to people’s life and we are struggling to balance personal and professional life. Running is one of the means to keep up a healthy lifestyle and relieve stress.While we run,why not track it ? It’s always a good practice to track and record what we do.

Conquer 500 focus on….

1. Achieving your goal – People can post their plans on the page and discuss with other members your goal,strategy and methodology.Rather than your plan being in silo if it exists in public group,you are “obligated” to do it. Once you commit,your go getter attitude will not let you fail.

2. Team spirit – Logically speaking,Your goal is entirely your responsibility to carry out.Still the forum can help in a passive way. It helps people to motivate each other to accomplish their task,offer tips on running,discuss progress on their running and share their interim successes. The forum also enables people in the neighbourhood to form a group and  do collective running. They can also post information on the local marathon events in their community.

3.Sense of accomplishment – Won’t you feel happy when you accomplish your goals ? Nothing matches to that feeling. imagine the sense of accomplishment when you actually conquer 500.You would believe that the body is in your control and you are the real master of it. Any task is incomplete without proper planing and monitoring.

The simple fact which amazes me is that a goal of 500 miles can be so comfortably achieved by running 2 miles a day for 250 days keeping aside remaining days of the year for vacation,sick,day off etc. Any end goal has to be broken down into smaller goals and periodic celebrations helps in motivating self.

Hope I will be able to meet my goal and conquer 500. I urge you also to conquer 500 and share your experiences on our conquer 500 page on Facebook.

Happy running !

Few inspirational stories –

100-year-old man finishes Toronto marathon. Started running 10 miles a day @ 80 yrs..

From 234 pounds to the Miss America pageant


One thought on “Conquer 500 !

  1. Melissa says:

    So true.Simple things like this can be a life changer !! I have resorted to yoga and running during my rough patch and it has helped to regain my confidence.Thanks for this wonderful post !
    Good luck on your initiative.


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