Rick Perry – Is he digging his own grave?

“We need to elect the candidate with the best record and the best vision for this country and not judge someone with his debating skills !! Rick Perry said..

What is certain after the 3rd debate Rick perry participated in a month is that he clearly lacks the quality of a good speaker.No doubt he is still the tea party favourite who has extraordinary capabilities to raise funds in millions,but the million dollar question is if he can give Obama a run for this money ? Rick Perry,the governor of Texas for last 10 years is a not as charismatic and media friendly as Matt Romney,but still considered as a person who can deliver things.How will America outside Texas known about his strengths without these debates..I like the idea of these debates as they are really acid test for the candidates who are expected to demonstrate their leadership skills along with their knowledge on the issues which matters most for the country like economy,jobs,immigration,foreign policy etc..It’s also a great opportunity for the voters to assess their candidates strengths and weakness. When Rick perry announced his candidature for presidency 6 weeks ago,It seemed like GOP got the necessary boost as the other candidates in the fray except Romney seemed weak..Perry too didn’t waste any time as he entered the fray and called the Social security scheme a Ponzi scheme thus becoming instant discussion point.While he got the necessary attention,it also backfired on him.He was the center of attraction in the subsequent debates but what looked obvious was that Perry’s command of the stage didn’t matched his exalted status. Now he has got the GOP think tanks to worry and go back to drawing room as he rocketed to the top of the field so quickly creating such high expectations, that it’s now damaged by sub-par debate showings.Other candidates especially Matt Romney and Michelle Bachmann seems to have taken Perry on his own turf on topics like on his mandated vaccination against HPV for pre-teen girls and Social security which he called a Ponzi scheme. Bachmann mentioned that she thinks a drug company is the possible beneficiary of the vaccination program in state of Texas. Romney has maintained a good balance on the Social security scheme which he says should not be abandoned but be revisited.A state like Florida which has maximum number of social security beneficiaries,the hard stance of Perry may cause a big havoc.In the 3rd debate in Orlando when asked about a foreign policy question he struggled to provide a sensible answer.A seasoned candidate should be better informed on the spectrum of topics especially on the foreign policies and internal matters. Post Orlando debate, few republicans started feeling that Perry is still not ready for the big leagues.

Recent victory of Herman Cain in Orlando straw poll may not be of great significance but still an indication by the GOP voters and independents that they are still looking for something fresh and new from the candidates.It’s a signal that GOP nominee for 2012 is still wide open. Per the recent CNN survey,Perry may still be the top choice for republican party nomination,but he is still behind Romney on preferred candidate to beat Obama in 2012.The equation becomes interesting should Palin enter the contest.Initial survey indicates very slight changes to the poll ratings,but it’s still to early to predict anything..More or less GOP supporters think that it is going to be a contest between Perry and Romney provided no other candidate enter the campaign. Bachmann not able to hold onto her popularity which she generated in the initial debates.The next debate not before 2 weeks from now will give Perry sometime to work on his basics. No doubt he is still the best bet for winning the nomination,but his lack of knowledge on foreign matters and stance on illegal immigration causing a stir in political circles. He is in a position where he cannot go back on what he has said publicly.On an effort to justify his statements,he seems to be further getting into troubles. He was never known to be a good orator or a debater,but heavily relying on his job creation success in Texas in last decade. The street smart and polished Romney is the one who is benefitted from Perry’s dismal performance in these debates.

The Texas governor is supposed to be a ruthless campaigner, but his performance was inarticulate and amateurish—in contrast to Romney’s smooth string of banalities, writes Michelle Goldberg for US post.
Perry’s second place finish with 15 percent of the vote was seen as the second piece of bad news for the Texas Governor’s campaign in less than a week. Perry’s performance at the Fox News-Google debate was labeled as lackluster by many, including Cain. Perry’s performance “was not up to primetime,” Cain mentioned appearing in Fox news after his Orlando straw victory.

However, Perry underplayed the importance of debate and reportedly have said that “It’s not who is the slickest candidate or the smoothest debater that we should elect,” He also mentioned that “We need to elect the candidate with the best record and the best vision for this country and not judge someone with his debating skills !! With many more debates to come up for nominations and presidential one’s, the question to be asked is “will he be able to deliver and hold on to his nerves that long”..

Interesting to see how Perry’s campaign will try to polish his skills and prep him with the topics which he has faltered in previous debates…

Watch out for Oct 11 debate…


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