BEL School days

Amidst the busy work life something striked me a week ago when I dropped off my girl at her day care was my school days. Hmm..Why not put my flowing thoughts on my school days which has been so memorable and eventful.

My office is around 25 miles and with the busy Chicago traffic it’s an easy 40-45 mins drive..I actually didn’t mind that day as I had tons of thoughts popping up in my brain,The glimpse of the childhood days passed like a smooth flowing river water,my mind was at it’s best trying to sequence things in chronological order with plugging in the missing parts.

BEL school is around 15 kms from Central railway station. In those days it was an hour ride by bus.Thanks to sorry state of Bangalore infrastructure,The commute time is still around the same !! Academics in BEL school and Stay in BEL quarters was the best thing I could have asked for..BEL school was never glamarous compared to other schools in the town,but still she was beautiful & elegant in her own terms. If I look back,No doubt it was a dream place to live. A very lively place with a playground right in front on my house,parks nearby and school at a walkable distance.Too much to ask for now,Right ? A Ganesha temple in colony was just an extended play area for us and friends houses was a stone throw away distance.I guess this is the beauty of living in a community.I really loved the concept of the public sectors where everything was within campus.   Isn’t the same thing being emulated by condominiums and apartment complexes now ? .

What a days those were……..

School was strategically located and was more or less 1/2 a mile walk for colony students.The school had lot to offer and provided us the necessary foundation to our childhoods. The assembly session in the school still so fresh in my memories,we were suppose to stand in line for prayers and few guys pranks would start right there,murmuring was common thing and punishment was a familiar sight.The class leaders(CL’s) led their  students into class rooms from the assembly and they were responsible for discipline inside and outside the classrooms.Unfortunately these CL’s were always looked up to as baddies due to the work they carried ! Those who had a good rapport with them were getting a safe passage on things like untidy nails,shoes,uniforms and in fact on homework too.These CL’s were never in the good books of the naughty prank boys.They were picking fight with these leaders after class hours for some petty

School hours was different for different grades..Early start of the school ensured enough time for us to play games later in the day.We were so committed to games that when school hours used to be from noon till late afternoon, we were in premises an hour ahead to play our quota of games for the day.It’s left to one’s imagine on the condition of the uniforms prior to start of the school.Girls were more disciplined than the boys on this matter.They were seen with neatly ironed clothes and polished shoes.It’s a very common sight to see boys busy playing and girls trying to catch up on the remaining piece of their homework..Somehow boys had the guts to face their teachers on the homework part..The innovative excuses for not doing their homework was always very amusing.The bright students were occupying the front rows and most popular one’s were occupying the back rows. By the growing precedence,the class teacher took command of the seating and  would decide on where who would sit..

Most stressful day was the April 10th date(If I remember the date right),The result day.OMG..The only day friends used to meet in temples instead of playground in wee hours carrying unprecedented grim and silence on their faces like some big tsunami gonna hit in no time !! Still could see some forced smile in smarter students but certainly a very tenseful day for one and all.Once the results were out, there used to be mixed reactions in the rooms and outside. The class topper names were called out first followed by rest.             Trust me,This was a real nerve breaking moment..Glad we have surpassed that stage now 🙂

I really salute,applaud and congratulate all my friends who managed to hold onto their nerves during academics and now leading a respectful life in the society. It’s the time when the kids in the block lacked attention,focus and direction.The media exposure was limited and many couldn’t think anything beyond BEL campus..We didn’t had much interactions with other schools in terms of debates,sports etc..but still the folks made it big..It’s the determination and hunger to succeed in life.Even though we didn’t had the best of the infrastructure in the campus,it was not really bad for the tuition fees paid.We really didn’t miss anything as we were happy in our own world..I guess that’s the best part of student life..I really wonder how kids become choosy with their schools nowadays as I don’t remember we never ever thought changing schools..We had a great life.Didn’t we ? The environment provided kids to be themselves without pushing them to the unknown territory of competitive world. We were given our time to decide on what we want to do unlike other schools which prepared students to be on their toes to face the outside world.

I’m sure each of us will have our own nostalgic reminiscences of the school days.Few things,but not limited to about school days which comes to my mind are –

1. School campus( especially grounds)

2. Class room fun (even though I was never a part of it, still was enjoying pranks of other friends)

3. Cricket after school hours

4. Walking to/ from school with friends

5. Concept of “Be yourself”

With all these sweet memories of the school days, I really wish my girl gets to enjoy her school days without being too stressed thinking about getting A grades all the time. As I have witnessed,there are more things to learn than just getting grades..The school suppose to provide a strong foundation for a great academics with imbibing social core values and teaching kids on how to be a better human beings..

I’m glad my school has successfully accomplished this.


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