La Tomatina – Why in India ??

Apt to Quote what Barack Obama said in a different context(Birther issue) – WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THESE NON SENSE”

Good job – Chief Minster of Karnataka Mr.Sadananda Gowda. You deserve credit for responding to the sentiments of the local people by banning this new non sense called La Tomatina. As much as liberal and open I’am to new ideas and culture, something seriously bothers me when these group of lunatic,moron socialites float nonsense ideas like this. It’s certain that these nonsense,non significant,non scientific events are not backed by mass public but by certain rich brats who doesn’t have anything to accomplish other than finding reasons to host events and parties !!! These folks seem to be never tired of partying in nights that they need something to get going in day hours as well ( 11am – 5pm) !! Good job morons for doing your job well i,e – partying hard !!!!!

This festival is celebrated in spain in last Wednesday of August and this has been happening since 1945.      A fight between groups throwing stuff’s landed up with tomatoes being picked and thrown from the nearby vegetable market.Something like this started in 1945 consecutively followed every year with people from nearby villages started participating in it..The town which very badly needed something to bring the people together to socialize in this remote place found this a suitable event. Why in India ??

The whole idea of the Tomatina festival has been popularised by the Bollywood movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.I read in reviews that the scene shot to fame by the three main leads of the movie; Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar are romancing the squishy tomatoes along with Katrina Kaif.” Is this good enough reason for us to celebrate the spanish festival in India ?? What reasons we quote to our kids when they grown up and ask why and how this festival was started ? Are we setting good moral standards to our kids by being mute and allowing these pudden-heads to hijack the culture of the city and country. A movie sequence should not be dictating our way of life,Right ?? Something what starts as small eventually grows in years without even knowing the significance of it.There are multiple instances to quote like Valentine day,fathers day,mothers day etc..Any event should have regional logical reasoning behind it without which it turns out to be a shame ! We need to be selective in our approach and pick whatever is appropriate to us and our culture.if someone says it’s fun, I argue that fun can be through various ways and need not to be through throwing tomatoes at each other ! come on,Just a thought of it makes my blood boil. This is just another influence of western culture and direct adoption like done before.Today the western culture has its tremendous impact all over the country especially metros where the teens wear a pride on their face by adopting the western culture.The influence of the cinema is so high in people’s mannerisms,principles,behavior,food habitats etc, this comes as no surprise..

The so-called ‘La Tomatina Bangalore Party’ was supposed to bring truck loads of tomatoes,alcohol,four popular(??) DJ’s and allow participants to squish and tomatoes at each others for 6 long hours !!! The price of the tickets got my head spinning ( under grad students – Rs.899,Couple -Rs.1999)..

I can’t imagine the chaos it would have caused in the event,you should see the tips provided in the official website –

1. Be careful with Lorries going through the venue ???? – Why trucks in between the event,absolutely no safety for the participants,most of them drunk…

2. Make sure you take a change of clothes for the return journey – there are some public showers at the venue. You can either throw your clothes away or bring a plastic bag with you if you want to keep it as a souvenir. ( Some public showers – imagine the unruly crowd behavior)..India crowd is notoriously famous for misbehavior with girls and these events provides them a right paltform..OMG..Also how dare the organizers call this as the souvenir’s..)

3. The city police would have been deployed in big numbers causing security concerns somewhere else… Why the public tax money should be used for such obnoxious festivals !! On the lighter side,imagine the fate of the poor cops who will be drenched in tomato juices..bear in mind that Bangalore cops will be provided with limited number of uniforms a year. Organizers say “Wear clothes that later you throw away as you will never get it clean again!

Sad thing about this trends are that they will never die,but grow as parasites…unfortunately the people who doesn’t want to show up in these events will be looked down by their friends and colleagues..They would not be considered “trendy” ..what a shame it is ? do we need this ? we are already struggling this battle with V-day,F-day,M-day etc….We need to take a stance here..

How many public festivals we already have,to name few..Ganesha festival,Diwali,Holi,Eid,Dasara,Republic and independence parades and local state wise festivals.People are losing interests in the festivals mentioned above,we need something to promote our culture and tradition.Not a Spanish festival.I would have endorsed it if it had any significance to our tradition and culture or to improve nation’s relationships to Spain..

Another mammoth issue is the economics. Spain grows surplus of Tomatoes and can afford it for an annual event like this.Also they use low quality tomatoes specifically designed for this event.In India where we are still struggling to balance supply-Demand ratio, the tomato price index swings so much even the stock index feel shy.The farmers struggle to get their investment back due to the falling prices of the tomatoes.Even the consumers get a jolt when the prices go sky-rocket in times..The below two links provides a detailed information on the dynamics of tomatoes prices in India.

Also what has to be understood here is that Spain as a country celebrates this event in one place once a year. India known for its cultural diversity cannot settle down for these festivals at one place..There was event already cancelled at Delhi..Imagine the amount of Tomatoes which will be wasted which could feed millions of people esp children who are suffering from malnutrition.

India is in a very delicate situation now,It needs constant focus to excel in economy and growth.There are more important things to focus on than this La Tomatina.As Obama says in different context( Birther issue) – “We do not have time for these non sense”

Incidentally,While I was writing this blog my little girl was busy eating tomatoes !!


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