Is Fasting unnecessarily Sensationalizing the matter ??

Is Fasting unnecessarily Sensationalizing the matter ?? You know what I’m referring to – Anna Hazare’s fast to implement strong lok bill.

Anna Hazare may have the best intention, but the method employed by his team seems not right. If Anna Hazare is committed to the Lokpal Bill and corruption, the best way to approach that is to engage in a dialogue.You cannot reach to consensus on this very important topic without getting into dialogue with concerned representatives. In a democratic establishment,Two reasonable people can have two different viewpoints. But arguing that whatever they propose has to be accepted by the government is not in the best interest of the country.Especially in this very critical topic of Corruption which is menace to country’s growth, group of 3 or 4 cannot or should not decide the proposed state of the bill. It needs a broader discussion and consensus before drafting the bill. Anna Hazare may have thousands of supporters supporting the bill,but there are thousand others who think that the approach taken by the government is correct.Being outside the system,It’s easy to propose solutions or place demands,but government has to assess various options to determine the feasibility of implementing it. Team Anna would not have considered other peripheral functions while drafting their requirements,but government has to carefully review before implementing it.

.Any topic about fasting will be incomplete without reference to Gandhi.Fasting and Gandhi has unofficially become synonyms. Gandhi is known for effectively using this powerful tool to get his mission accomplished and also grab attention for national cause whenever needed. He strategically timed it without overdoing it.

 Fasting is not a solution to handle critical matters like this.As I said before,There should be a dialogue with necessary parties to address the gaps. One cannot station far away from board room and expect things to resolve. As such government has never shown lack of willingness to implement strong lokpal bill. There should be a national level debate,brain storming,awareness,polling etc to discuss features of the bill.The features in the bill should be implementable and measurable. As in software life-cycle, Each and every requirements should be testable,implementable and measurable.

The concept of lokpal bill is great and there needs to be a meaningful discussion from all the parties.There is a broad consensus on the need of strong lokpal bill,but there is a disagreement on the features of it. I agree with one of the tweeter who said, We are in 21st century and the methods we adopt should be more civilized. Fasting Sensationalize the matter and that is not something we need at this point in time. We can achieve breakthrough in more complex matters than this through dialogues.Fasting seems to have garnered more attention that the lokpal bill. People seems to be more keen to know about Anna’s fast and health than the features in Lokpal bill. I strongly believe this is drifting away from the topic. Corruption in India exists at the grass root level and opinions of all the spectrum of people plays a vital role.People should have  their opinions about lokpal bill and not about Anna. Persons should not be bigger than the process,If it happens,then it is Autocracy. It’s clearly visible that Anna’s fasting and health gets more attention and coverage than the contents in the lokpal bill. This reminds me of the nuclear discussions in India last year where no one had any clue about the deal,but was trying to voice their opinions. I strongly believe Fasting in this instance is hijacking the matter and not enough discussions happening on the cause for fast(  implementation of Jan Lokpal bill).There has to be a national level debate on the topic and gather opinions of the majority. Government on this particular instance have gone ahead and engaged the civil society in an unprecedented manner and have started talking to them. At the outset Government of India seems committed to the Lokpal bill. So instead of appreciating the right steps taken by the government, one can’t just go and start attacking the government for everything and anything without any rhyme or reason.Before getting on to streets,Team Anna should have pressed for more discussions.I’m sensing lack of maturity by the team here.Media too should do its job right and create right awareness among the people rather than sensationalizing the stories.Fasting is not a solution for every problem. What in case if PM or government representatives also resort to fasting demanding implementation of their version of lokpal bill. Fasting to counter another fast !! Any one can fast for any reason to counter attack the other person,how do we handle that situation ?

Anna should have taken up fast only as a last resort. if government had not shown any inclination to draft or implement the lokpal bill,then the fast would have made sense.In this case government also has drafted their bill and it is in front of the standing committee for discussion. We cannot have parallel power centers which is detrimental to democracy.We need to believe in government and in case if things are not going the way it is supposed to, there is a process which has to be followed to bring government on track. One should not get into protests before exhausting all the options.Shutting down school,college or government institutions will not resolve the matter. It may get government’s attention, but what is the point when government is already onboard for discussions and willing to implement a strong bill !! What we need is a strong civil society representatives from different walks of life to engage in dialogue with government representatives to jointly draft the bill.

Hope to see some constructive discussions to happen on this critical matter.It’s in the best interest of the country that a strong bill comes out to curb corruption.


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