Are we witnessing a defining moments in Post independent India ?

First thing first,If people got to believe in this movement and people involved, Anna has to stay out off the main stream politics.The core team should be dissolved after the bill is passed.

Ok..So much of things happening in India is mind-blowing !! Has India has raised up to a new leader called Anna Hazare ? Not many knew about this person till a year ago when he brought up the topic of Lokpal bill. This topic is not something new,but has existed for almost 50 years,but was scrapped tactically by smart(?) politicians.This never saw light till Anna and his team took it up a year ago.Some one in my generation,I believe had not witnessed people raising to this level for nation’s cause in the past..The kind of support Anna and his movement been getting is extra ordinary.Thanks to the social networking and media.The support within India and outside has exponentially grown in no time. It was as if people were waiting for a cause to show their patriotism and do their bit for the country..I’m really curious to think if this movement has started driving the nation crazy and position Anna has the national icon, what would have been the scenario pre independence ? How would have people perceived Gandhi who spearheaded the independence movement ? I’m just trying to visualize the pre independence picture and the mood of the nation then. We are talking about the issue which is like the mother of all the issues,Independence..Did the whole nation whole heartedly support Gandhi right from day 1 or were there reservations too ? I’m sure there were tons of questions raised on the approach and methodology,But Team Gandhi managed to convince the whole nation that the approach and methodology adopted is best suitable for the nation.Any movement has to be designed to meet the pulse of the people only then mass will be able to associate themselves with the movement..The success of the movement comes only when people feel part of it ,that can happen only when the issues raised and the path chosen to resolve it is convincing..I agree that not everyone can be convinced,but at least the majorty.that’s what is the core of democracy,isn’t it ? It wasn’t an easy path to Gandhi when he started the movement,but needed lot of convincing.I think people were not too diversified in their thoughts so it would not have too difficult to accomplish it.Also the other leaders in the movement were patriotic,clean and was ready to sacrifice their lives for the country.I’m afraid the situation is not the same..This issue is like fire in politicians tails and they are exploring all possibilities to nullify the movement.Unfortunately this movement is to tighten things comprising politicians and the bill has to be passed by politicians !!! Are they crazy to pass a bill that would eat them one day !! I’m sure the political think tanks are doing their best to weaken the movement.It’s interesting to know the stance of corporate india, especially family business houses who on the background support the political parties..Trust me,This movement is a fight against lot of odds..

It’s important to plan ahead post any movements of this scale..In Recent times,Egypt had a major revolution where demonstrators staged protests to dethrone Hosni Mubharak.Once it was successful,people didn’t know what next.Infact the problems worsened that before when military took over the interim administration.Till now the egypt is unrest and there are fears that military will rule the country indefinitely.The same was with Iraq,Afghanistan or Tunisia. So the core team working on the lokpal bill have to put a process to handhold the execution of the bill once it is passed.

Every country has gone through these movements.In US inspite of its independence for long time, the civil rights movement was triggered as recently as 1955-1968. The African-American Civil Rights Movement aimed at outlawing racial discrimination against African-Americans and restoring voting rights in Southern states. the emergence of the Black Power Movement, which lasted roughly from 1966 to 1975, enlarged the aims of the Civil Rights Movement to include racial dignity, economic and political self-sufficiency, and freedom from oppression by white Americans.There were protests and civil disobedience movements like Montgomery Bus boycott led by Martin Luther king and Rosa Parks. So the perseverance is the key even though the movements spanned for couple of decades,The people involved didn’t give up.

India on that note is still 60 years old and the progress it has made is incredible.Should this bill be implemented successfully,India could put a check on corruption which will help to achieve it’s position in global power.

Post Independence,India has seen very few movements for nation’s cause. few I could think off are Green revolution,JP movement & Mandal commission.Jayaprakash Narayan shot to limelight and got massive support for his movement against the excess of Indira Gandhi during emergency.He also successfully advocated program of social transformation which he termed Total revolution.JP attracted a gathering of 100000 people at Ramlila grounds,coincidence(?) that Anna is holding his fast is the same grounds and drawing increasing crowd day after day.Social networks playing a vital role providing e-support to JanLokpal bill. The media are another big plus which was predominantly missing in earlier movements..

Still there are few questions which are haunting people,As always any good causes will have hurdles and has to pass through the acid test..Is Team Anna capable of handling the matured Gen X indians and corrupt politicians ? Should there be more core members in the team to handle the movement of this scale ? Is the core team trying to be possessive and doesn’t want to expand on the team size ? I guess there are more things to accomplish in a short time, so more qualified team has to pitch in to provide the necessary momentum. The biggest concern in this movement is the credentials of the core people involved.Not many knew about Anna and so about other members..Government illegedly spreading false propaganda against certain members to derail the movement..It is important for Team Anna to stay focussed and achieve towards its goal..As one of the core member mentioned, this is not going to eradicate corruption completely, but will be a vigilance and check on the activities..That’s perefectly fine in a diversified nation like India where things doesn’t move easily..There are always loop holes found in the system so it is not easy to design a foolproof system in single shot.This should be treated as an iterative process to accomplish the toughest item in modern India,Corruption which has become part and parcel of people’s life..More than the system,it’s the people who should change for good..The change has to come within to make anything robust and effective.Any system cannot be effectively implemented if people lack discipline in following it.The corruption has to be curbed in its roots and that needs lot of sacrifice from each and every citizen of India. Politicians doesn’t come from different planet,but are part of the system who has seen corruption right from their childhood. Why 95% of the people follow traffic rules in US and other developed countries,because it is part of life.There is no other variations to it.The system is built strong,but the people who follow it are much stronger than the system who doesn’t intend to defeat the purpose. That’s exactly the point.Once the Janlokpal bill is implemented,what is the guarantee that the people would not try to destabilize it ? I believe this is one of a lifetime kind of movements and  hope all the energies are spent for bigger and tangible cause.

I’m not sure if we would witness support of this magnitude in near future,that’s the reason I really hope we don’t try to solve petty things in this space, but seize the opportunity and try to address the core issue by putting a framework in place which is robust enough..I really want corruption to be curbed completely and look forward for think tanks to design the bill comprehensively to get to the root of the issue.Even though I don’t doubt the capability of the core team,I wish there is a larger debate and brainstorming happens when something historical like this happening.People from all walks of life has to keep aside their self interests and should contribute to the movement which will position India in a stronger position in global space. Mr.Anna Hazare fast purpose should be that and not just limit to include Prime minster and judges to come under purview of Lokpal bill. The mechanism to monitor and punish the guilty has to be put in place so that these type of movements need not to happen again and again.

The brutal truth is people are more concerned about their job,family,medical and so on…It;s very natural phenomena to happen everywhere.For people to think beyond first circle it needs a stronger leader who can imbibe patriotism and pride.People may lose focus and interest if the movement happens again and again without being effective and seeing any results.When you get a change to punch it, punch it hard as you can..People will be so busy in their day-to-day world that they may not get a chance to involve in these movement again.So it is important to that we pass as a bill something that is meaningful and with substance.

Supposedly the lokpal will be headed by a chairperson who is or was a Chief Justice of India and eight other members.Again these are individuals and what is the guarantee that the corruption cannot happen from any of these ? said so we cannot get someone from other planet to resolve this matter,but the bill should be strong enough to handle various situations and scenarios.

I still see hesitancy in people in supporting this movement whole heartedly.It’s like people were not educated enough and were not ready for this movement..Any movement will take its time to peak it up and so is this..But certain questions raised by common and intellectual people got me thinking. Not questioning Anna’s cause for fast,I still think if he should have fasted for more broader agenda.This movement looks like against the government,what should be understood is the government is also not anti national.The movement should have started with the level set that the government is on the same side as the movement.It was important to get national level consensus on the topic. However something is better than nothing,but having nothing is any day better than having something nonsense.I don’t mean to discourage or sound pessimistic here,but watching movements this closely for the first time, want to make sure that the effort is worth the demand.

I hope more intellectuals jump into this movement and collectively come up with a bill which can address the corruption issue which plagues India severly..I hope we get up one day learning to the fact that we don’t have to bribe to get my essentials done,Also importantly, get punished if I try to bribe..

Few points I could think off to make the movement stronger..

  • Bring on board to core team more representatives from different walk of life
  • Spread the awareness
  • Build national consensus
  • Go for referendum
  • Link social cause to this movement
  • Stay focussed
  • Don’t think government is on the other side of the court.
  • Check antI social elements during movements.They try to derail the agenda
  • Team Anna – Don’t make this as your personal achievement and try to get benefit out of this
  • The core team should be dissolved after the bill is passed

Good luck India..


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