Wow ! What a difference early rise makes..

One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.  ~Robert Brault
It makes a big big difference. Starting the day early makes so much of a difference in one’s life in a day..I myself not an early bird,but trying to.On the days I wake up early I could see noticeable change in my life style,eating habits,attitude and more. Again, for late risers, there has to be a compelling force to get up early in the morning. A thought of Running or tennis or cricket would charge me up. For few people travel might motivate to get up. Easy guess why I get up early in the morning on weekend’s than week days !! There is always a debate on the duration of sleep needed for a person to be healthy and glow. One set ( who are majority) argues that minimum 8 hours of sleep is needed for a person to live long. Other category of people who are workaholic feels 50% of that should be good. However me waking up early makes my day look so long. I feel by 8ish I have done so much !!

I’m not sure of any direct ( quantifiable) benefits from early rise, but it has worked for me and I would love to continue that..

The best things I could think of early rise are,

Greet the day– Watching the sun rise is so fun and energetic. Fresh healthy thoughts in the morning. i get a chance to talk to myself and design my day. I can tell to myself that I will be calm,cool and will not lose my temper not think bad about others( which I don’t otherwise too).

Self time – One get to plan their day and schedule things. It is important for an individual to have his self time before he interacts with all the people in day-to-day life.

Peace of mind – No Tv’s, no music, no kids yelling/crying, Get to enjoy the hours of peace, if I would say..

Efficiency – Less distraction meaning more efficiency. Do your “Must to do things” in the morning if possible. sometimes you would have done more than many people do whole day !

Set goals – Set specific goals to achieve in the morning. Could be cooking, exercise, reading or any important things..Do not do things which you like to do to relax( like blogging, surfing,chat etc)

Beat the distraction – You get to do things effectively due to lesser distraction.

The most important reason of the all is you get to eat breakfast !!! We all know how important to break the fast, but we still end up rushing to work because we got up late. An hour extra in a day can do wonders. Breakfast plays a vital role in defining the mood and pattern of the day.

Said do, I’m trying to be an early riser from night owl. I might be on the minority side who would get up early on weekends. for most it’s a rest day and supposed to sleep longer. The last weekend I woke up at 6ish desperately looking for someone to play Tennis. Unfortunately guys didn’t turn up and I had no intention to go back home empty-handed. I decided to shelve out some calories hanging with me for a while. As was expected I was the first and only person in the fitness center for the whole hour. It still didn’t influence me to go back as I was determined to do something,at least for the fact that I woke up early that day. An hour of running exhausted me. I was all sweat and the sleep had completely vanished. I was heading back home with sense of accomplishment. Once I reached home, I was wanting to do something or the other to keep me occupied as my wife and little one was still asleep( extra time). The change I have noticed in me is that I become more energetic and carry a very positive attitude. I believe I become more happy internally and feel as if I have conquered the world !! Alas, just getting up early can make such a difference.

I still remember the days when I was kid when dad wants me to get up early and study. There was always this perception that reading becomes easier in the early morning hours than late nights..Especially Math was considered ideal for morning slot..I don’t know if scientifically it is proven, but the way I see is the mind would have worked the whole day and reading late night make it more stressful and less understanding. Starting a day fresh with studies, naturally the distraction is less.

Just puzzles me on the kids nowadays reading habits with all the media,social networking and various other distractions!!! There was no TV or cable( at least restricted) while we were students..But now with the current fast paced life, no one wants to miss out things happening around them.People look up to you down if you still don’t have an email id or social network profile..This was never a must criteria when we were students..Now the school captain campaign happens in Facebook !. I really hope kids get only the best from the media and internet world.. I know so many kids will be online on social networking sites even in late nights. Forget about getting up early, there are few who don’t even sleep !! Few service providers have free internet access from 11pm – 5am and no prize for guessing on when they browse..Initially resistant parents will do soft approval when their bills come up fat !! With all these, I feel bad that people miss early morning fun !!

Even adults would not prefer to sleep before 2 or 3 am on weekends. Even though it’s hard to open eyes, still want to watch a movie and then hit bed..I have no issues if slept late,but my problem is if they don’t wake up early in the morning. I’m sure I would be bombarded with emails disagreeing on my thoughts once I publish this blog..

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.  ~Richard Whately


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